Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...I'm taking it way back!

Well almost wordless! What a difference 7 years makes! This is Chad's bid night party for his fraternity (PiKA) WOW! I remember this night, I had walking pneumonia, was sick as all get out but still managed to look adorably cute and do my hair! Plus this was before 2 kids and about 5o lbs ago! I wanted to take you guys way back as most of you did not know us then!


Noele Marie said...

So cute!!

You & Chad look so young. It is a great picture!

Stacy Martinez said...

Chad looks the same. Tell him he can age at any point!!!

I should post my chick....from the other Saturday. hahahahaha

Elizabeth Mills said...

I have to say two things... One- I am a catholic girl who married an episcopal priest Two- My uncle owns Malones! It is so good to hear people talk about it. Too funny!

Grandma to T and C said...

You two have not changed one bit. You will always look like our 16 year old Catholic School Girl and C will always look like the 18 year old boy that "is just my friend nothing else will ever happen, really just friends". Maybe we should not have taken you to NYC for a graduation gift. Although fun we created two more that love to travel and see and do as much as possible, that is really a good thing. Expensive but good.