Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How we became WE

This beautiful life we now live all started 9 years ago when Daddy C and I were Seniors in high school. Who would of thought the Baptist preacher's son would marry the Catholic school girl? Who would of thought these two would go on too see each other good-bye as one went to war (4 times)? Who would of thought these two would put together the sweet little life we live with our amazing two little boys? In 2000 if you asked me any of the above questions I would have told you you were crazy! But there was someone that knew all of the above would come true, that someone of course is God! He knew what he was doing that day our Senior year when he got this journey started! And this is a journey I would never want to stop!
( April 2000 Daddy C and I 1 week before we started "officially" dating, going to his senior prom and this happened to be his 18th birthday as well)

(June 2000 Daddy C's high school graduation day, man I look really skinny)

(July 2000 Graduation trip to NYC, that my parents treated us to, two small town kids in the middle of Time Square, it was amazing)

(September 2002 Sophomore year of college, Chad's bid party)

( March 2003 Delmonico Steak House, New Orleans, LA, PiKA formal dinner, by far the craziest week of my life)

(March 2003 City Market in Savannah, outside of Malone's, which is now Wild Wings, we just got engaged)

(March 2004 Smooch, we are now Mr and Mrs G!

(May 2004 After our spring break wedding we finally graduated college in May 2004)

(January 2005, he graduates Basic/AIT)

(April 2005, he graduates RIP and I am 3 months pregnant)
(June 2005, our first Ranger Ball)
( September 2006, he graduates Ranger School)

(October 2007 Homecoming, ASU Boone, NC)

(November 2008, Charleston, SC 7 months pregnant, picture by Stacy Martinez Photography)
(May 2009, our 4th Ranger Ball, Fort Benning, GA)


Stacy Martinez said...

I will give you ONE wallet. Just ONE. Not all 8. ONE. hahahahahaha

Tina said...

What a BEAUTIFUL story told through pictures!

My hubby and I have been together for 34 years and married for 33 years and it still seems like it was yesterday! We have people ask us all the time "33 years married to the same person?", we say YES hard to believe in this day and age with divorce being so common. LOL