Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

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Our Highs:
We are going home to visit this weekend!!!!! I am so excited!!!

Not only are we going home to visit, we are taking some of our very good friends and their two girls also!

I get to have seafood and put my feet in the sand! I get to have my momma and daddy take care of me and the kids for the long weekend! Ahhhh, can you tell I am excited?!?!

Our Lows:
Chase has been extremely fussy this week, I mean extremely! He has really tested my patience, but I have succeeded, no doubt I wouldn't but there were moment that I wanted to say....quit screeming at me, but he is only 4 months old and has no idea!

I have been getting really dizzy lately so I will be going to the Dr next week to see what is perhaps going on!

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