Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For SaleSweet Baby Boy

Ok, well not really for sale that would be ridiculous and really illegal! But this is how the majority of the day in our household has looked. Baby C is something else today, he has not um, had a bowel movement (hey just giving you the facts) in 3 days, the DR said to call at 5 days and they will see what they can do, so he is resorting to this. We are now going on 12 hours of crying, eating, crying sleeping only in mommy's arms, crying, eating, repeating all steps over and over again!!! His bib says Chicks Dig Me and I guess he did not get the memo....Chicks do not like crying for 12 hours straight or at least this Mommy Chick does not.
Hopefully and prayerfully he will feel better tomorrow, hopefully he will get that much needed dirty diaper and I will have my happy rolly polley back tomorrow. I am sad just looking at him so I can not even imagine how he feels!


superwoman8977 said...

I so know what you are going through. My little boy would go 9 days between bm and he was a whiny, cranky mess and even now him being 6 years old we still deal with it. He still can be a whiny, cranky, mess. Just be there for him. Its not easy but God will give you the strength. If you ever want to talk just message me. traci.hummel1@us.army.mil. Hope things get better.


Anonymous said...

just a little fyi. my first son used to have a horrible problem with this, but we saw a gastro doctor. a little (1/2 tsp.) works everytime.

Anonymous said...

sorry, milk of mag. works!