Thursday, July 30, 2009

We left a part of us here.......

Five years ago when I graduated from Appalachian State, I could not wait to get down that mountain, I could not wait to have no more snowy winters, I could not wait to get back to the beach. And now five years later....I can not wait to get back to the mountains!!!!

This view....simply amazing and breathtaking. And by breathtaking, it literally was, this is the top of Elk Knob, when we first mounted the trail I thought 1.3 miles that is a breeze. Well not when the last 1/2 mile of the hike was at a complete incline full of loose rock and rated for serious hikers. But alas at the top the view we found was worth it all!

We are truly at peace here, we can not wait to go back, take the boys and perhaps settle down there one day!!!

Look, the Mountaineers are finally ready to play with the big boys!!! 3 National Championships gets you nice things, like this amazing new stadium!!!

Boating Boys!!!

After our fantastic Disney trip we went to Charleston for the weekend. My parents took us on their boat and the boys LOVED it!!!!

We anchored the boat on an island and got out and enjoyed the beach, ocean and STP Dippers for Groucho's Deli!!!

I am so glad my boys are not afraid of the water, I love love love the water and am glad that we are able to share out love of the water!!!

Disney Vacation Wrap-up!

Day Four: The Animal Kingdom

T and Mickey!!!

T danced away with Chip and Dale, he had a blast and is definetly NOT shy!!

T and his new bud Flick

Daddy C and T getting ready for It's Tough to be a Bug!!

Day Five: Epcot and Magic Kingdom Parade
T and Stitch at Epcot, about our only fun part of the experience there.

Baby C getting ready to enjoy the parade!!

This is my favorite part of the evening at the Magic Kingdom, I love the castle!!

Super Hero T and his super sized lollipop

Peace, he's out of here!!!

We had such an amazing time and I am so happy that we were able to spend this time as a family together. The boys were so well behaved, the lines were minimal and the experience was once in a lifetime!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh Wow....

We're still here I promise! 2 weeks of vacation, then a quick hospital stay for my father, wrapped up with a 2 day moving marathon makes for one tired Gleaton Gaggle.
A new post coming soon, or possibly, just maybe 2 news posts coming soon!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello from Disney!!!!

WOW!!! Exhausted does not even begin to describe how I am currently feeling!!! This makes for T's 3rd trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, but this by far has been the most exciting, fun and exhausting trip!!! He is all over the place and running us ragged, he and his Daddy are down stairs in the Kid's area watching Kung Fu Panda or playing Guitar Hero, not sure which one the mad man wanted to do tonight. While Baby C and I are in the room relaxing, well he is asleep in his crib (snoring) and I am blogging!!!
Day One: Hollywood Studios
We had a blast at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios), I would highly recommend the new Toy Story Mania ride, super fun!!! But get there at park opening and high tail it for a Fast Pass, we got ours at 9:04, 4 minutes after the gates opened, I ran with a baby strapped on my chest and got fast passes for 10:35, by 11:00 all FP were gone for the day!!! T loved meeting all of his favorite characters...see his star struck.....
On to.......Day Two: The Magic Kingdom
This was by far the BEST Magic Kingdom experience I have EVER had, no lines more than 10 minutes long all day long. However this was due to a tragic accident that occured early in the morning on July 5th at around 2am there was a head on monorail collision, which left the 21 year old driver dead. The monorail has been closed since the accident so the ferry is the only way over to the magic kingdom from the ticket center, therefore a lot of people avoided the area. Our hearts are heavy for that family!!!

Now on to.......
Day Three(current day): Chef Mickey's and Typhoon Lagoon
We had a great day today, starting with the Chef Mickey's character breakfast, $80 later, a full belly, alot of character meeting and autographs we all left happy and headed to the water park for a day of fun!!!! Which leads me now to my current state, exhausted and blogging from the bed!!!

Tomorrow we head to The Animal Kingdom in the morning, then back to the Magic Kingdom for some evening riding and the parade at night. Wednesday is Epcot! Thursday we head to Busch Gardens in Tampa for the day and to spend the evening with Chad's college buddy Lew and Friday we shall relax by the pool with adult beverages before we head out Saturday morning!!!

I hope everyone had a blessed 4th and all of our friends have fun on leave!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bon Voyage!!!!

Tomorrow morning we head to the happiest most magical place on Earth!!!
We will be enjoying some super spectacular and much needed family time at the Mouse's
house for the next week! I may not, or possible may be able to post while we are away, I guess
it depends on how busy T keeps us!!

I hope everyone has a happy and very safe Fourth of July!!!!