Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.....

I felt it was best for my to take a little bloggy break. The last few weeks were rough, the loss of a friend, the impending anniversary of the loss of a good friend, a little bit of a rough season in our marriage, financial stress and simply being a young, military family all took a toll on us recently.

But, after talking to some friends, seeking advice from a great Chaplain, talking with our amazing Pastor and a marriage retreat that came at a perfect time, we are back on track and clinging to the word of God as well as each other!

So without further ado, I will leave you with some pictures of the amazing little boys that fill my life with so much joy!

You should have seen the other kid....No really! At the marriage retreat T and another little boy literally ran smack into one another. T went to the marriage retreat and all he got was this black eye!

Is my baby boy really this big!! Oh my!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I remember.....

9/11/01, was a beautiful fall day in the mountains of North Carolina. I put on my jacket and headed to my Social Deviance class on the beautiful campus of Appalachian State University, as I walked to class that day little did I know the world around me was changing. As class started a student in the hall said "Holy, Shit! My Dad just called and said planes had hit the World Trade Center's!!" our teacher told us to sit down and not worry about it he had a lesson to teach. What, you want me to sit here and learn about prostitutes while something huge is going on? Well that we all did we sat there, as soon as the class was over I ran back to my apartment, which was right off of campus, turned on the news and the first tower was just falling as I turned on the TV. I was saddened beyond belief, I was scared, I was hurting for all of those whom at just lost their lives and those whom had just lost their loved ones. I remember being glued to the television for about 12 straight hours, I remember the sickening horror and anger I had when I found out it was terrorists that took the Trade Centers down and hit the Pentagon. I remember it like it was yesterday, the thing I remember the most was talking to my Dad, he told me "Honey, don't be scared, we live in the greatest Nation in the World, we will rally and we will make sure that this never happens again".

As I sit here 8 years later I constantly hear all around me that it is time to get our men and women out of Afghanistan, why are were even there in the first place. If anyone has a problem remembering why our troops are in Afghanistan, this is why, to take out this terrible enemy force that caused such horrible destruction and a horrible blow to our country and to the lives of 2,996 families on September 11, 2001. There are times when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan that I often forgot why he was there, I was angry he was there and not home with me and our son. I was angry because he was over helping people that I thought did not want him there, but then I realized he was over there helping to further protect our country so that nothing like this will ever happen again, to rid the world of such an enemy so that we will not have a fear of being attacked by terrorists again. The men and women fighting in Afghanistan today do not want the men and women lost in 9/11 to have been lost in vain, the fight for them every day.

On this day, it is important for me to remember all of the men and women that have died fighting for our freedom as well and to insure that 9/11 never happens again. Today, I not only remember those that died on 9/11, but also those from 1/75 Ranger Battalion that have given their lives to insure that the victim's of 9/11 did not die in vain;Sergeant Bradley Crose, Corporal Matthew Commons, Specialist Marc Anderson, Staff Sergeant Anthony Davis, Private First Class Eric Hario, and Staff Sergeant Jason Dahlke.

I remember, do you?

Remembering 9/11: Project 2,996

Daniel Suhr

Daniel Suhr was a 37 year old NYC Firefighter from Engine Co. 216. He was rushing into the North Tower of the World Trade Center when he was struck by one of the people that had either fallen or jumped from the upper floors of the tower. With his death he also saved the lives of 7 of his fellow firefighters; they were all on their way into the North tower when they saw Daniel get struck, they stopped to but him in the ambulance and at the same time the tower fell.

Daniel grew up in Brooklyn, was a star high school football and baseball player, went to Albany State and also a college in California to play football. He was one of six children and was married to his childhood sweetheart Nancy. He and Nance also have a daughter, whom was 2 on Septemeber 11, 2001.

I will never forget and hope that you will never forget either.

Remembering the Victim's of 9/11: Project 2,996 is a project that was started in 2006 to remember the victim's of 9/11.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We are broken....

We are broken, we hurt, we mourn, we cry, we laugh, we remember. If we are all of those things I can not even begin to imagine the pain that SSG Dahlke's and PFC Hario's families are feeling. If we are broken, mourning, crying, laughing and remembering than they are broken, mourning, crying, laughing and remembering ten fold.

I have known that WAR is real, but in the past 12 months I have been rocked to the core not 1 time, not 2 times, not 3 times, but now 4 times that WAR is real. C and I lost a close friend last September (Cpt. Rich Cliff), C lost a fellow comrade in January (SSG Anthony Davis) and now C mourns the loss of another comrade and friend (SSG Jason Dahlke) and although we did not personally know PFC Hario, we feel his loss as well.

There is no way that I could ever do these men justice in writing, these men are amazing, selfless heroes. I can with certainty say that SSG Dahlke died doing what he loved and that may make it a little bit easier, however we are still broken, we still hurt, we still mourn, we still cry, we still laugh and we will always remember. There is not a day that goes by nor is there a day that will ever go by will I will not think of these men with the utmost pride, respect and thankfullness. I am proud to have known them and am a better person for having them in my life.
SSG Jason Dahlke doing what he did best, he loved his country, family and friends more than he loved himself.
SSG Jason Dahlke's funeral, he laid down his life to protect us all and for that I am forever grateful.

PFC Eric Hario, it is said that he always wanted to be a Ranger, the best of the best and he died doing just that.

PFC Eric Hario's funeral, to you Eric I am thankful.