Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seriously, who does this........

That would be my husband of course! I mean seriously who thinks that it would be a great idea to have a profession where you regularly jump out of perfectly good airplanes for a living? Who graduates college and then thinks, Oh man it would be really fun to have a job where once or twice a month I get all rigged up with my weapon and ruck and jump out of a plane at all hours of the day/night? I mean seriously! Yep, my husband and his co-workers/friends do this on a very regular basis.

Tonight Daddy C will embark on a night, combat equipment jump, essentially he will jump out of the perfectly good airplane with all equipment it would take to go directly into a combat situation. This morning when he left for work, I told him the usual, I love you, I will pray for a soft landing and that you do not get stuck in a tree or land in a creek bed. Besides my fellow RGR wives that read this blog, who can say that is what their husband does for a living?

I mean seriously who does that?

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