Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun!!!

The Easter weekend here in the Gleaton household was busy busy busy and fun fun fun! We started the weekend with a little Easter egg hunt in the front yard. You can see T had a super fun time gathering all of the eggs, but he has had even a better time eating all of the candy. Oh yeah and not to mention that Daddy C and I have had to re-hide said eggs about 5 times.

Sweet, little Miss L came to the egg hunt also. Her parents are great friends of ours and have been since college. I am glad that we are back in the same town so the kids can grow up together!

After the fun egg hunt we were brave enough to allow a 2 and a 3 year old dye eggs, hence the reason we allowed them to do it outside! It was fun for all involved and took a whole day to get the dye off of the little ones fingers!

And as all of this excitement was going on my sweet little baby C was sitting on his Pop-pop's lab, when I looked over I saw the evidence! My 3 month old had been consuming chocolate...but he looked as though he loved it!

After T was done dying eggs he apparantley took it upon himself to decorate his brother with the stickers he found in some of his eggs. Hmmmmm at least they are not on the walls.

Look at what the Easter Bunny brought! Here is Baby C with his Easter loot!

T was not thrilled with the camera this early in the morning, so this is the best it got!

All cleaned up and ready for Easter service at church and boy did I need that service. Some things have been going on with my oldest youngest brother that have really shaken me to the core lately....lets just say alot of tough love has been needed these past few week and I am hoping he gets the help he needs, but not at my expense (emotionally or monetarily) any more. The service was amazing and the pastor reminded me that Jesus's life was given so our sins are forgiven also we can turn all of our burden and hurt over to him and he will bring us through it. I really needed that message!!!!

And the grand-parents were here as well! That is always fun...eventhough the boys are super spoiled when they are here!

I hope that everyone's Easter was as great as ours. Family time is such amazing time, I can not get enough of the three men in my life. They bring me such joy and I can not stop smiling when I am around them!!!!! Off to snuggle with the number 1 man in my life Daddy C!

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