Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It was a Super Soccer Saturday!!!!

Oh Super Soccer Saturday...how I will not miss you!
You see my husband who was an avid soccer player in highschool and college thought that our 3 year old needed to go ahead and start playing and that he would coach the team. So in February our family embarked on the journey of 3 and 4 yeard old soccer! T had his last game last Saturday and was I relieved!!!!

My adorable little sidekick Baby C and I before the game

T gearing up for the game by resting before the other kids get there

He may be small, but he gets in there

Look, Look, Look he is going to score!!!

Or not! The kids go the ball away from him and this is what the whole crowd got to see!

He had enough of soccer now time to play Army!
You see this is why I am done with Soccer! Until he asks us to play again, he will not partake in organized sports. He did not want his Daddy (the coach) playing with other kids so we had numerous meltdowns over that. He did not want to share his ball and so on and so on!

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