Friday, June 12, 2009

Amazing Picture

When I was looking through some old pictures last night, I found this picture from last year's water jump at Tybee Island. The hubby did not have to jump (whew), even though he really wanted too, but since his platoon is the one that had all of the cameras they had to take pictures and be the rescue swimmers (if you guys know C, you know that he is NO rescue swimmer). Anywho, I found this picture and thought it was amazing, I have no idea how I have never seen it before!

It makes me wonder what the people on the tanker thought, I bet they thought Tybee was being invaded, especially since the majority of the crew on the tanker was probably foreign, as I believe this is a tanker from a foreign country.

My husband has a totally, completely normal job, I mean who does not experience things like this on a regular basis while at work, come on!!!

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S-M said...

I have some of these but from wwaaay back. 2002! Spring.

Marty's jump was out there but I don't have a fancy cargo ship in the back of mine!!!!