Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.....

I felt it was best for my to take a little bloggy break. The last few weeks were rough, the loss of a friend, the impending anniversary of the loss of a good friend, a little bit of a rough season in our marriage, financial stress and simply being a young, military family all took a toll on us recently.

But, after talking to some friends, seeking advice from a great Chaplain, talking with our amazing Pastor and a marriage retreat that came at a perfect time, we are back on track and clinging to the word of God as well as each other!

So without further ado, I will leave you with some pictures of the amazing little boys that fill my life with so much joy!

You should have seen the other kid....No really! At the marriage retreat T and another little boy literally ran smack into one another. T went to the marriage retreat and all he got was this black eye!

Is my baby boy really this big!! Oh my!!!


Grandma to T&C said...
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Grandma to T&C said...

One with a black eye and one sitting in the middle of the road. We thought we raised you better than that. Young marriage has many trials and this year things will improve. As you move upward you find yourself closer to each other and to God. He will bless you with strength. C is a warrior for this country and you for the family that makes a great team. You all 4 are the loves of our life. You bring us great joy in life and we pray things improve this year so that you both, at your young age, do not continue to have so many losses to death. You have had so much in such a short time. More than grown people have in a lifetime. We pray for your friends K & B. I took a prayer request to the Chapel today here at this very large Veterans Hospital and tomorrow this young couple will be added to the daily 8am prayer service. I will take her specific requests each time they are posted. Much love and happiness that you are our daughter.

Grandma to T and C said...

Well, well, we now have both of the boys in our hands. We will be moving in the next day or so and do not plan to provide you with our address. Will update you every year or so with photos of the boys, but they are ours to keep. Well now let me think about this, I had to wake up at 6:30 to get ready for work and prior to taking care of myself had to feed and play with C as T still slept in. Of course he did not go to bed until 10PM which is long after I am typically in bed. Never mind, you can pick them up after the weekend. Love you all MOM