Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prayers for Ben and Katie

Ben and Katie are friends of ours here in Columbus, Ben works with C. On Thursday evening they were hit by a truck at a high rate of speed. Ben is currently, 39 hours after the accident, still in a medically induced coma, due to bleeding in his brain. Katie is currently recovering from surgery last night the repair 2 tears in her intestines and will have surger to repair her broken arm on Monday.

Please, take a moment to say a prayer for these two wonderful people, their family and friends. I know that it takes a lot for me to tell that my husband is upset, but I can see the pain in his eyes and hear the sadness in his voice. It is hard for these warriors to understand how one can make it home from combat so many times safely to be injured while at home.

They also have a Blog where there will be updates on their condition. C is going to head up to the hospital today to see Ben, so hopefully I will have an update for you then.

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