Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're Home!!!!

After the wonderful(insert sarcastic tone here) 2 days spent at the glorious and super lush (uhum, ghetto) Doctor's Hospital we are in the comforts of our own home and brother T could not be any happier!

However our homecoming was not complete withouth some sort of drama! Upon our arrival home there was a full house, really too full, my parents, Daddy C's parents and grandmother were all here so it was a bit cramped and hectic too! Then to find out that someone, who shall remain nameless, had used paper towels and flushed them down the toilet. So not only are all of these people in my house and all of them are older than middle aged and apparently have pea sized bladders, but now only one toilet is working and that happens to be the one on MY bedroom. My father, bless his heart, tried for hours before we came home and even went and bought a new plnger to try to clear the toilet lines. So to say the least upon my arrival I was beyond irritated so off to walmart I went to buy a super duper co2 plunger that did just the trick.

Now go, go everyone, the toilet is fixed and you all have put your hands all over the baby now get out and let me snuggle with my boys!

Oh look how cute C was on his way home...

Oh yes and the very first picture in this post is how C felt about a cramped house and a clogged toilet on his 2nd day of life!

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