Sunday, October 26, 2008

An introduction to me......
  • Cortney is my name
  • I am 26 years old, well on Wed I will be!
  • I am the wife to an American Hero named Chad
  • I am the mother to an amazing 3 year old named Tucker
  • I am currently incubating our second son whom we will call Chase
  • We just moved from Savannah, GA to Columbus, GA and I miss Savannah so!
  • I have been working on my Bachelor's Degree for 8 years now and will finally be finished in January....Praise the Lord!!
  • I have an amazing mother and father and 3 brothers..I love my brothers most of the time!
  • I have a nephew named Cole and a neice named Reagan!

I am just a simple girl that is making it in this crazy world! I love my family and friends and live for my son and husband. My husband and I have been married for 4 1/2 years and are highschool sweethearts. He has been in the Army for a little over 4 years, after numerous comabt deployments, too many schools and so many seperations, my husband decided it was time to take the back seat and let someone else drive for a while. So, we moved away from our family and friends to come to Columbus, GA so he could take a non-deployable instructor position. It has been a great move for our family, but we miss Savannah so much!

That is me in a nutshell!

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