Monday, October 5, 2009

Robert Sanchez; our hero, our friend, Chad's "brother"

Goodnight, sweet prince

"When he shall die, take him and cut him out into little stars and he shall make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun." William Shakespeare

Rob, thank you. Thank you for your friendship, thank you for the laughs, the smiles, the hugs, your brotherly love for my husband, thank you for being you.

When I saw you at Ranger Rendezvous, if I knew that were to be the last time, I would of made that hug that you gave me last a little longer, I would have made you play with Tucker a little longer, I would have made you hold Chase a little longer, I would have not taken that day for granted.

You are a hero to all of your friends, family and Ranger family. You are missed so much that it hurts, you are loved more than our hearts can handle. We will all carry on your spirit and take it forth in everything that we do.

Thank you Rob, thank you!


Grandma to T and C said...

There could not be kinder words said. You two have had so many true friends/brothers to C die in this last year fighting as heros for our Great Country. I am not sure how you hold it together. So much death at such a young age. God has blessed you with a great strength to be such good friends to all and to hold their memories dear in your heart. Another reason I love you so much.

Grandma to T and C said...

The video of his ride from the airport to the funeral home will bring anyone to their knees. What a tribute his commuity paid this hero. I am so glad you 4 got to have him in your life for even the short time you did. God Bless Rangers......